Conservatism is for the weak tbh

I believe conservatism and fascism are both extremely weak and cucked ideologies that prey on insecure and alienated people. Desperate to blame someone for their failures and inadequacies in life, fascists must cling to an imagined "golden age" that must return, or desperately crave non-existent deities and "strong men" to give them guidance in life. It's completely unsurprisingly that fascists treat the likes of Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Matt Walsh like surrogate father figures that will protect them from big scary world.

Every beloved conservative demogogue is trapped in a hell of their own making, suffering from self-induced misery.

"Family men" like Steven Crowder and Matt Walsh are either divorced or hate their wives and children.

People like Sargon, Milo, Fuentes are constantly back stabbing each other and literally define their lives around maintaining the same grifts they've had since 2016.

Blaire White and Candace Owen are empty vessels that cling to the same groups that hate them and would enslave them for validation.

Critical Drinker and the Quartering are in a constant alcoholic stupor, making repetitive videos about how Hollywood is going woke and conveniently ignoring anytime their predictions about going broke fail (Critical Drinker literally delisted and re-edited his video on Prey as good reviews started dropping)

People like Joshua Moon and Ethan Ralph are constantly miserable and define their entire existence through obsessing over their respective websites. Neither of these people have any friends or actual loved ones in their life Conservatives I've personally talked to online tend to be socially awkward guys looking for a direction in life that cope with hardship either through hiding in irony.


Yes, anti-white bigotry exists. Yes it is possible for anyone of any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity to be a bigot. Yes, in some leftist spaces you will occasionally get a jackass grifter using their identity as a shield from a criticism. You don't have to be a conservative or cowardly "centrist" to call them out. It is extremely stupid and cucked to shift right ward just to criticize these terminally online losers.

I think your political opinions should be based on firm grounding in actual facts, data, and secular humanism. Changing political affiliations just because some people who claim to be of the same belief system is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Thus while anti-white bigots do exist in leftist spaces, white racist rich losers like Elon Musk tend to have more political power in america and thus are of a higher concern. I see no reason to stop being a leftist just because some edgy anti-social calling themselves leftists clamor for white genocide on Tumblr.

Fanservice in Videogames and Anime

I think sexual fanservice in anime and videogames is cool actually. Does every game or show need it? No, not really. But I firmly reject sexual puritanism. A lot of anti-fanservice rhetoric is just repackaged anti-sex and anti-art ideology.

Edgy Humor

I think edgy/dark humor in itself is fine and normal human behavior.

The real reason why people tend to be critical of edgy humor is that a lot of "edgy humor" is just the person's actual beliefs but they are either too much of a cowardly pussy to be upfront about it and thus hide behind a veil of "irony". Look how many "le ironic kekistani" memelords actually hold fascists beliefs. A lot of the time, someone will just say they like edgy humor because they lack the spine to be genuine.

Conservatives and Grooming

Every conservative accusation is a confession. Sexual abuse thrives in conservative cultures because conservative cultures devalue human life and autonomy. Statistically there have been more conservative politicians that have committed sexual abuse left-leaning ones.